Daniel Hettleman, Ph.D., P.C.

1544 York Street, Third Floor, Denver, CO 80206        (303) 912-6632

I am a psychologist in private practice.  I provide family therapy, couples therapy, and individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults.  I also provide educational evaluations for students (including adults) with learning challenges.  I am an adjunct faculty member in the Psychology Department at the University of Denver, as an instructor to graduate students learning Family Therapy, and I supervise their clinical cases.  As you can see, I am also available for organizational consultations, and presentations.

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I got my undergraduate degree in psychology at Duke University, my doctorate through the University of Denver, and then did my psychology internship at Stanford University.  I have been very fortunate to have had many excellent mentors and colleagues along the way, and still spend a good deal of time consulting with colleagues, and attending conferences when possible.
Early in my career, I spent time working at places such as Colorado Academy, National Jewish Hospital, the Denver Children’s Home, and the Kempe Children’s Center.  I gained invaluable experience at each location, and was fortunate to work with many exceptionally talented people.
I recently (JANUARY 2018) moved to
1544 York Street, third floor, Denver, CO 80206.
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My phone number is 303-912-6632.  It is best to contact me by phone.
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