Contact Me/Directions/Parking

1544 York St., Third Floor, Denver, CO 80206


Parking: I have a parking spot available for CLIENTS ONLY at my building, right behind my own car. Follow the directions to the building ( below), and you’ll find yourself in the parking lot, facing the back of 1544 York St. You will see 6 parking spots. My spot is all the way to the left (south). You will park behind a dark gray sedan. 

  • To have this spot, you may have to wait for the previous client to leave.
  • Please try to leave the parking spot as quickly as you can after our appointment, so it is available to the next person.
  • I cannot GUARANTEE this spot will be available, because sometimes people park illegally. If it is not available, please try free on-street parking:
    • Along Josephine Street (one way going north), between Colfax and 16th Ave., there is free two hour parking.
    • On the west side of York Street (one way going south), between 16th Ave. and Colfax, there is free parking.
    • There is also free on-street parking on 16th Street West of York Street.  Your other choices include metered parking along Colfax, and free parking on Gaylord Street, one block west of York Street.

 Wherever you park, enter the building at the front, facing York Street. If you are here during late hours and it is dark, I will be happy to let you out the back door directly to the parking lot.

Directions: Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.43.57 PM

From South: Go north on University Boulevard from I-25. Take all the way up past Cherry Creek (1st Avenue), where it becomes Josephine Street (one way going north). Get into the left lane near Colfax Ave. After you pass Colfax, take the second left into the parking lot. It is a three story gray building. The new Carla Madison Recreation Center is across Josephine Street.

From North: Take York Street going south off of I-70. York becomes one-way (still going south) at around 18th Avenue. Start getting in the left lane. You’ll see the three story gray building on your left. Take a left into the taco restaurant parking lot a few moments after passing the building, right before you get to the taco restaurant. Take another left into the alley. Follow along and it’s the second building on your left.