Couples Therapy

I was originally trained in couples therapy by Howard Markman at the University of Denver, who along with many colleagues, developed the PREP intervention program.  Here’s a link to Howard’s outstanding body of work: Howard Markman and PREP

I have also undergone further training in Emotionally Focused Couples (and Family) Therapy: link: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (Sue Johnson)

I have also spent a good deal of time talking and consulting with my friends and colleagues, Susan Heitler, Ph.D., and Abigail Hirsch, Ph.D., who have developed an outstanding system for working with couples, known at the Power of Two.  In fact, Dr. Hirsch helped me develop this whole website, thank you Abigail!   Links:  Power of Two       Susan Heitler       Dr. Abigail Hirsch

I greatly enjoy working with couples, and have found it a natural outgrowth of my initial interest in family therapy.  I have developed my own style of couples therapy over time, which integrates each of the pieces I have learned about and experienced.  I tend to be a fairly active couples therapist, helping spouses/partners articulate clearly their own experiences and concerns, and then listen carefully to integrate the others’ perspective.  I also help individuals within a couple look deeper to understand the experience and purpose of their own emotional reactions.  Last, I work toward active problem-solving with couples so they do not remain stuck in destructive conflict-resolution patterns.