Educational Evaluations

I was extremely fortunate to have been trained by Dr. Bruce Pennington and Dr. Marge Riddle, at the Developmental Neuropsychology Lab at the University of Denver.  Everywhere I’ve gone in my professional life, colleagues have been awed by hearing that I was able to learn from these two national experts.  I was also very lucky to have continued training, over several years, with the late and great Dr. Joe Monaghan at the Denver Children’s Home.  I’ve continued to conduct learning evaluations, approximately two per month, throughout my professional career, and over time, I’ve developed my own style.  My evaluations tend to be very thorough, considerate of all aspects of a student’s development, and sensitive to the advantages and disadvantages of “labeling” learning disorders such as Dyslexia, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), etc.  Students, parents, and teachers have told me they value my comprehensive, exhaustive evaluations, which typically include:

  • a 1.5 hour initial consultation, and developmental/family history gathering, with parents
  • review of student’s progress reports, standardized test scores, and previous testing — going back to preschool years
  • phone interview with current teacher(s), learning specialists, and/or classroom observation
  • administration of questionnaires, such as the BASC-2, Connors Rating Scales, Barkley rating scales
  • assessment of cognitive functioning (WISC-V, WPPSI-IV, WAIS-IV, DAS-2)
  • assessment of current academic achievement (WIAT-III, WJ-III)
  • assessment of neuropsychology functioning (executive functioning, continuous performance tasks, phonological processing, visual-spatial processing, auditory and visual memory, etc.)
  • if requested, assessment of social-emotional functioning (questionnaires, interviews, projective testing)
  • 2 hour feedback session with parents, including results and recommendations
  • detailed written report for parents, including results and recommendations
  • if requested, detailed written report for school personnel, including results and recommendations
  • if requested, 30 minute feedback session with student, including results and recommendations
  • if requested, follow-up consultation with school personnel

link to: Bruce Pennington, Developmental Neuropsychology Lab